Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Princess Belle by Miss M

I like Baby C. I like the picture that I picked out. One picture that I like is the one where Baby C is on top of me. And I also like Baby C and me with our favorite toys. I like Barbies and Polly Pockets. I also like hanging out with my cousins. All different kinds of things I like are hanging with my cousins at the stair railing at Aunt Mimi's house. I also like hanging out with Daddy's friends.

I also like the valentines I got from my friends at preschool. I like the ones with Tinkerbell and Rosata on it. I also like the picture I colored for Mommy and Daddy. A rose was on the picture.
The best part about Valentine's Day is Hershey's Chocolates!
I also like going swimming. I like dipping my head in the water. That's it.
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Guest Blogger: Miss M (as dictated by her to AEK)