Wednesday, April 28, 2010

"Nothing More to Say" Wednesday

Mohawk Baby

A girl and her seed pod
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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Star Light, Star Bright by Miss M

I love my baby sister. She is so cute! I love flowers. I love my sister more than a peony. She makes the sound like a quacking duck. She goes "ba ba." She is the cutest baby in the whole world, even the universe.
I like cooking with Daddy. I also LOVE chocolate chips!
My favorite princess is Barbie and the Mermaid Tale. I also like the story of the Diamond Castle. The girls in that are called Alexa and Alana. My favorite, prettiest thing in the whole world is a heart in a middle of my hand.
My sister is good, I guess.
I love Barbie Girls dot com. You should go on the website too!
Here's my poem:
Red and yellow
Pink and Blue
These are the colors that I love you
That's it of our ruplay
That's the end of our play

[Dictated to AEK from Miss M (age 5 1/2)]
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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day Giveaway at Happily Domestic

Check out Happily Domestic's blog with her latest installment of Fluff Talk Thursday.  Today she has a special Earth Day post with an extra special Smartipants cloth diapers giveaway!  Her post is great because it clearly illustrates how making the choice to cloth diaper your child is really a great gift you can give to both our children's and our planet's future.  
Happy Earth Day!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

"Nothing More to Say" Wednesday


Pretty Girl on Easter
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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I Love My Sister by Miss M

I love my sister so much more than a balloon! Baby C is my best sister. She loves me, Miss M. And she loves prunes to help her go potty. Ha Ha Ha. I like to say that.
I love fairies. The best thing you can do is close your eyes and say I Love Fairies! and Tinkerbell!
Very cool what you said, Grandma. I like that I forgot my eggs. Both of my grandmas are special. I love both of my grandmas.
Baby C and Miss M are the most sweet girls. I love ice cream. Ice cream is my favorite type of food. And I am shaking my head yes.
I love Barbies! I like the first Barbie of the year. She has lipstick and I love it! I love Barbie and the Mermaid Tale.
I love popsicles. My favorite flower is a daisy. I like going to the Arboretum. I love flowers but I don't like looking at them. I like caterpillars because they turn into a butterfly. You might not know what I mean (about the Arboretum) but I will explain. Here is a guess. It has a pond and frogs and trees. I love butterflies.
I love to paint my nails and toenails. Right now they are blue.
Mr. Baby is so sweet
Baby friends like to eat.
With her friends she plays all day,
With her friends she sings all day.
And that's my little poem, won't you sing along?
STOP! and the stop sign right now says STOP.


[By Miss M as dictated to AEK]
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Monday, April 5, 2010

1499 is My Plane's Number by Miss M

I like planes because they are fun. I like to go up planes and down planes too. I also like planes because they are so much fun to ride in. They are also high enough as my body.
I am going to talk about Easter now. Because I like to show my eggs. One of my eggs were jellybeans. I also got a fairy kite. I also like that Easter is so special about Easter eggs. I also like collecting Easter eggs for my sister. And look! I see one now. I will go see what it is inside. It is empty. I have just dropped it but I can reach it. You should be very careful around eggs. It is pink, my favorite color.
Quack Quack Blah Blah You are my Favorite Love
I love my sister all day long
With her friend she sings along.
I love babies so do you
You repeat me and I repeat you.
At the end she sings her day
I am echoing you do say.
That's the end of our ruplay
And you type me and I type you.
I like Easter, so do YOU!

[Dictated to AEK by Miss M]
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