Thursday, August 26, 2010

We are the best girls EVER! by Miss M

Baby C is a silly girl
She likes to fall down on the ground 
She is very sweet.
I like her because she is very cute!
Cause I like to play with her and 
Me, Miss M,  because we all like to play all day
When she sees bigger kids she wants to play with them.
Today she is sleeping right now and I am staying up because I don't need naps anymore.
Later we are going to listen to music and C will get really excited.
She is mostly very exciting girl.
I think she is a very wonderful Baby C!  She is so lovely.  She is as lovely as a beautiful flower.  Because then she is so beautiful because I very love her! 
That's it.

[Dictated by Miss M age 5 1/2 to AEK]
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