Saturday, April 16, 2011

Great Family Deals in Chicago Area!

Recently I came across two good deals/sales that I thought I would share with my readers.

DEAL #1: Gymboree Sale at Bolingbrook, IL store Sunday ONLY!

On Sunday, April 17th (tomorrow!) from 6-8pm, the Promenade Bolingbrook store will be clearing out their stock rooms and having a special clearance sale!   Select items will be an extra 25% off already reduced prices.  

The store is normally open from 10:30am-6:30pm, so they are going to be open extra late for this special sale.  The Lombard store had a sale like this a couple of months ago and it was great.  There was a ton of merchandise and the store was packed.  For that sale I had to bring my toddler in her stroller and that was a mistake.  The aisles were literally packed with clothes so it was hard to maneuver with the stroller.  I did find some good deals but probably could have found more if C wasn't with me.  I am definitely planning on going to this sale child-free!

DEAL #2: $9 for 2 Open Play Admission to Kiddie Klub Lane ($18 value) (Lombard, IL) 

I have been receiving emails from FamilyFinds! Chicago for a while now, but have never purchased a deal until yesterday.  FamilyFinds is like Groupon for families with young kids.  It is easy (and free!) to establish an account and you will receive their deals in your email.  They don't just have deals for Chicago only, but also nationwide ones as well.  Also, there might be a FamilyFinds in your area so check out their site!

What made me finally purchase one of their deals?  It is because it is for Kiddie Klub Lane, a neat indoor play space where kids up to age 8 can use their imaginations in a multitude of different houses or villages.  What I especially like about this play area is that all the playing is done in the round.  Therefore the caregiver can just sit in the middle and be able to still see where their child is at all times.  I love this!  One thing I don't care for at children's museums is all the different spaces that your child can run to and that you can loose track of them in!  Not fun.  This place is different.

I especially like that if you purchase a voucher today, you get the voucher in your email box right away that you then print and present to Kiddie Klub.  If you don't use it right away, you have until October 27, 2011 to use it.

Hope you like these deals!  Please let me know if you would like me to post more of these deals as I come across them.  Thanks!

Disclaimer:  The FamilyFinds post does contain affiliate links.  So if you sign up and purchase a deal, I get a little bit back.  Thanks for reading!