Friday, March 11, 2011


Wednesday marked the beginning of Lent.  Every year I say I am going to cut back or give up something for Lent and every year I end up not following through.  This year is different.  This year I have a six year that is attending Religious Education classes every week.  This year she is the most aware of Lent and what it means to sacrifice.  This year I must follow through.

On Tuesday I noticed that my good friend, Mike, had posted on Facebook, twitter and tumblr that he was giving up all of these social media outlets for Lent.  I belong to all three of these outlets as well.  As I read his post, I thought to myself that he was on to something here.  I could do that too.  In fact, I need to do it.

Ever since we got our laptop (which means that our computer is no longer in the cold basement), I have become compulsive on checking facebook, twitter, you name it.  This is not good.  Even if it is just for a minute or two it is taking me away from giving my attention to my girls.  Why should I be giving so much of my time to an inanimate object that will always be there?  My girls, on the other hand, will not always be 6 and 1.  My habit needed to change.

It is now Friday.  I am three days into my chosen lenten offering, 21st century style.  I have not checked any of the before mentioned social sites even once.  To tell you the truth, I do not miss it.

After Easter I will be sure to give you an update on whether or not I was able to keep it up.  I am confident I will succeed.  If I don't, I will have to answer to the 6 year old and who wants to do that?!

Thanks Mike for the inspiration and motivation!